Hume-ans of #UFHonors – Dr. Curry

Describe your Honors class for fall in a few sentences: We’re going to think about how healthcare providers relate to patients, how our healthcare culture is changing, and how germs rule.

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Hume-ans of #UFHonors – Dr. Mulligan

Describe your Honors class for fall: We’ll talk about bioethical issues that are relevant to today’s society. Rather than picking the most relevant issues to me as a scientist, I use popular movies as a way to identify some our society’s most controversial bioethical issues, such as abortion, right to die, how to identify ourselves, etc. My goal is to present a little of the science behind these issues and that have open discussions and student-led projects that engage all relevant issues, i.e. not just science, but politics, religion, emotions, etc.

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Hume-ans of #UFHonors – Michele

Why is it great to be an Honors Gator?: The Honors Program truly lives up to the phrase “community of scholars.” The people who I’ve encountered through this program are some of the brightest, warmest, and kindest people I have ever met, each of them destined for greatness. Whether we’re studying all night for a tough exam coming up, gathering in the Hume Commons for free ice cream sundaes, or playing videogames on the floor, we are truly a community that comes together in friendship and scholarship. The Honors advisors and professors are second to none, and really make the experience in this program worthwhile. I am truly blessed to be a part of this amazing program!

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Hume-ans of #UFHonors – Erin

Why is it great to be an Honors Gator?: The Honors courses are such a special opportunity to learn about subjects that interest you in an intimate setting where you can connect with your professor and classmates. I have made many friends through Honors courses, and it is a privilege to have professors who know you by name. Of course, the early class registration is a nice additional perk.

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